Richard Laymon (1947-2001). A much overlooked horror/thriller writer. Laymon's extreme descriptions of sex and violence are not for everybody, but his immensly addictive writing style coupled with a good sense of humour were a sure winner with many. While Laymon's stories are sometimes flawed, his writing style more than makes up for it, and any of his books are an enjoyable read. In 2001 after his death his novel "The travelling Vampire show" was awarded the prestigious Bram Stoker award.

A list of his novels:

The Cellar, The Beast House, The Midnight Tour, The Woods are Dark, Night Show, Beware!, Alhallow's Eve, Flesh, Resurrection Dreams, Funland, The Stake, One Rainy Night, Darkness, Tell us, Blood Games, Dark Mountain*, Midnight's Lair*, Savage, Out are the Lights, Alarums, Endless Night, In the Dark, Quake, Island, Body Rides, Bite, Fiends, After Midnight, Among the Missing, Come Out Tonight, The Travelling Vampire Show, Dreadful Tales, Night in the Lonesome October,

*published under the pseudonym Richard Kelly.