This is not your tragedy. You can't have it.

Too often we humans like to be involved.

"Yo, my best friend's cousin's sister-in-law's ex-boyfriend's nephew died today!"

Watch any tragedy on TV and you'll see what I mean. I live in Dallas, so all day it's been anchorpersons telling us how we can identify with this tragedy. Citizens without souls describing how the piece of debris that landed a thousand yards away almost killed them. How their worlds have been rocked by this event. You know who they are. They're the same people who survive the flood, tornado, serial killing, and always manage to witness the horrific accident on the freeway that killed three people. "I swear to God I thought I was gonna die!" The people who claim it hits so close to home.

Bullshit. You can be sad. You can be shocked. You can be indifferent, mad, happy, or traumatized. But you cannot identify with this. You have no idea how the families, friends, and co-workers of those seven people feel. I grew up in the aviation industry. I know people who have died in aircraft accidents, my own father nearly several times. I can't begin to imagine how those people feel. Nor do I care where the hell you were when it happened. I know where I was, but after this do you think that matters in the least? It's ok to know where you were when Kennedy died or on the morning of September 11. Those events affected and influenced us all. Those were days when we lost a little innocence. This is not one of those events.

This is not your day. It's their's. Be respectful, you savages.