What a weekend:

I have no cable TV or DSL, so I'm left with only sixty books I've already read, and Neverwinter Nights. I can't go much more than a week without The West Wing and Inside The Actor's Studio.

I wrecked my Honda. My beloved car. My ride. I went straight through a turn lane that only very recently became a turn lane, and plowed into a guy. I put a dent in his Explorer, and totally fucked up the right front side of my Civic. Thankfully my local friendly Progressive agent was right in front of us when I tagged the guy, and he got us squared away right off. The cops and the guy I hit kept apologizing to me for the accident. I thought that was funny, because it was totally my fault. The guy I was on my way to meet felt bad because if I hadn't been meeting him, I wouldn't have gone out yesterday. But, whatever.

On the plus side, I got a lot of much needed sleep, and I feel great even though I was in a pretty shitty accident. So, I think I'll just keep on truckin'.