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I'm Six. I'm a character in Foma, a single-player rpg that can run in nearly any human head. Here is my character sheet:

Name: Six
Race: Clone
Class: Computer Engineer (in training)
The Raw Deal: Character's luck is permanently set to 1.
Bitter: Character feels he has had the raw deal. -1 to sociability, and +2 to sarcasm.
The Idiot: Recieves -1 to all rolls involving common sense, and an additional -1 to those that involve deceit.
Youthful: The character is young and hasty. He/She recieves -1 to "think before you speak" rolls.

S(trengh): 3
P(erception): 4
E(ndurance): 3
C(harisma): 3
I(ntelligence): 6
A(gility): 4
L(uck): 1
(all stats are out of ten)