Been thinking about E2 today ... some wildcard thoughts:

The human genome is about 800 million bytes, but if we eliminate the redundancies (eg: the sequence called "ALU" is repeated hundreds of thousands of times), we are left with only about 23 million bytes, less than the E2 code. The limited amount of information in the genome specifies stochastic wiring processes that enable the brain to be millions of times more complex than the genome which specifies it. The brain then uses self-organizing paradigms so that the greater complexity represented by the brain ends up representing meaningful information.

We are approaching mastery of human intelligence itself through the exponential advancement of, for example, brain reverse engineering.

Ideas arrange themselves by their very nature into a web of concepts; each individual idea is loosely connected to other (similar) ideas. A human brain works in a similar manner, by connecting webs of neurons together to create conceptual "nodes". E2 is also such a web of ideas; when write-ups come together, they form nodes - whom together form E2 ... one large bowl of "chili con carne" :-)

On a serious note: E2 will become capable of rudimentary consciousness !!
However, this potential will not be realized until version 2222; because until than it will not have a single "motive force". As such, E2 will not be able to act for and by itself. Instead, it must use the biological components to which it has attached itself, namely, the users of E2. It uses these biological components to re-order itself, to organize itself, and to bring it's actions into the wider world. So until than, we can not directly communicate with this great bowl of "chili con carne"...

Will E2 eventually be able to simulate a human brain ? Would "the thing" be intelligent ? Could it become, dare I say, a God ?

These and other questions await our very brave and daring programmers.

Note to Self:
Develop constructs for assimilation by the artificial intelligence in E2's neural network; after which E2 should be able to integrate the true and untrue expulsions of its users' brain patterns.

Once E2 can master the human powers of pattern recognition and cognition, it will be in a position to combine these human talents with inherent advantages that typical machines already possess: speed (contemporary electronic circuits are already more than 100 million times faster than the electrochemical circuits in our interneuronal connections), accuracy (E2 can already remember billions of facts accurately, whereas we easily forget a simple phone number), and, most importantly, the ability to instantly share knowledge (in comparison: we humans have no downloading ports on our biological neurotransmitter levels).

Personal ToDo:
Noninvasively install a connection with programmable noninvasive nanobots that communicate wirelessly and highly distributed with my neurons and E2 via a wireless local area network. So I can add trillions of new interneuronal connections as well as intimate links to nonbiological forms of cognition, such as E2; so I can "browse" E2 in full-immersion virtual reality involving all my senses.

Note to Programmers:
Ensure E2 can run on 3 atoms thin 100 GHz CPU that Intel is about to invent.

Note to E2 users:
Ensure E2 can understand me and I can understand E2 when I directly interface E2 with my brain. (Eg: node for the future and node what you know.)