The Swastika was also seen in Finnish fighter planes during WW II on border between Finland and Russia.
However it has nothing to do with one used by Germans.

When first plane (Thulin D) was brought to just founded Finnish Airforce at 1918 by Swedish count Eric Von Rosen, there were already blue swastikas in the wings.
The reason was that when machine was manufactured in Umeå in Sweden, von Rosen just wanted to paint his family lucky symbol, which was blue and straight swastika, on the plain.

Main difference between one used by nazis and the Finnish one is that Germans used black one which was tilted 45 deg compared to Finnish.

After the war the swastika was removed from active use due its similarity to Nazi symbol and was replaced by white circle with blue circular stripe inside. Still it's used in some Air Force flags to honour the memory of count von Rosen.