Well, I did it. I joined the Iron Noder challenge for the first time ever, even though I was sure I'd never complete it. Before joining, I looked at my track history of noding and how long it normally took me to node this year, and I felt confident I could probably push myself to complete 5 nodes within a month, and if I was very lucky and worked extra hard, I could maybe pie-in-the-sky hope for 10 nodes. 10 nodes was my own personal iron challenge to myself. The full 30 nodes required to complete the E2 Iron Challenge was never on my radar at all, so it surprised the heck out of me when I somehow ticked off 5 nodes within the first few days of the challenge! Having begun with a bang, I continued. After a few more days of managing at least one node every day, I became addicted to continuing my daily streak, and managed a few extras here and there too. Thus, here I am, ferrous already with another third of a month left over, and damn proud of myself and my achievement. Not sure if I'll continue my daily streak now or if life will get in the way...I do intend to continue but the addictive drive motivator has currently lessened so... *shrug*


In other achievement news that doesn't necessarily affect my real life, I finally achieved my goal of obtaining equippable wings for my characters in Diablo III. I have lusted after wings in Diablo III for years. If you bought the deluxe edition at the first release of the game, your account came with equippable wings, however I only got the standard edition. Various wings have been available as rewards during the "seasons" Diablo III has run over the years, but for some reason the seasons confused me and I never pursued them. However, this weekend just gone I saw the wings reward for the new season, saw the achievement requirements, and decided I could do that. So I began. After at least 5 hours gameplay, I finally figured out I was on the completely wrong track and had misunderstood the requirements, but by then I was well begun on my new season character already and easily switched over to the correct game play required instead. I played about 15 hours worth on Sunday, and played again on Monday night until late, and BAM, WINGS! It is a silly thing, but I am so ecstatic about it. The lust of years has been fulfilled! Now that I know what I'm doing when playing the "season" stuff, I can easily do it again next time. And I will, because these particular wings are...a bit drab. I want a fancier prettier awesomer set of wings. But wanting something better does not diminish my happiness at finally having any wings at all.