I mean, whoever wins or loses is going to win or lose by millions of votes, who cares if Gore or Dubya wins by 2,304,418 or 2,304,417 votes?

To hedge your vote on the person who is most likely to win that you somewhat agree with is extremely dangerous to the United States, because it has made and will continue to make all major canadates moderate, and when opression is moderate (for instance in the early half of the 20th century, when black people were of course the devil, and when women weren't considered capable of thinking for themselves) opression wins.

For instance today (oct 2000) Dubya and Gore both support 'doing something' to the entertainment industry for marketing to children and being overly violent, (Which is dangerous when the content itself becomes what is considered to market the product), in otherwords: They both want to punish artists guilty of Thought crimes, the difference between them is that Bush accuses Gore of not being serious about doing something to the Entertainment industry since he has his hands in their pocket. Of course, Bush's claim doesn't matter if Gore happens to be a moderate politican trying to get elected, since he'll betray the industry if it will get him or keep him elected.

Vote for who you agree with the most. Don't support moderate politics by hedging your vote. Don't be part of the General Populace. The great monsters of the past will be long forgotten by the time the general populace is ever forgiven.

[ This may look confusing since it looks like we are arguing, but in reality we are all agreeing with one another in anger. ]