Of course, Singapore is a bad example, because they also torture people who haven't even commited crimes, and they cannot prove did, (Except thru the afforementioned tortured confession) which ends up meaning that if you are in Singapore, being in the wrong place at the wrong time is essentially like committing a crime, since this happens there is not only less crime there is also a lack of rights for people involved, due to the manner in which the laws are enforced and the rights of the accused are comprimised in comparison to other countries.

As for China, they valify this saying with their ridiculious tarrifs, which causes great amounts of Piracy, and creates crime. I think the point that skid was trying to make is that when you make certain things illegal that people already do, you create crime, because the rate or amount of crime is an arbitrary indicator of laws violated.

For instance in China, saying something the government doesn't like is a crime. Since this isn't illegal in the United States, there is infinitely more of this type of crime in China than in the United States, because this isn't a crime in the United States. (Of course, all of this could change with the Methamphetamine Anti-Proliferation Act, but thats not important.)