Sure, sometimes the monsters are completely competent and responsible in their killing and atrocities. Like Pol Pot in Cambodia, where he went out of his way to stop the general populace from being in a position to do anything to him. Everyone with a mark of education killed, and by the time the North Vietnamese made up for whatever sins they may have committed by freeing the entire population of cambodia from the intense, living hell that was the regime of the Khmir Rouge, there were exactly 4 people with any legal education left alive, and few people of education and intellegence left.

But other times, you can find more blame in the general populace than in the monster. For instance, Hitler. Hitler killed millions of jews in his concentration camps, and i'm not saying hes not to blame for this. But the people who gave Hitler the power to do such things must be held equally accountable. Germans were in a Depression and they blamed the jews for the treaty of Versailles which plunged them into an economic darkness. They wanted the jews dead and they put the man in power who could do it. Everyone in Germany knew that the Jews were being enslaved and killed. And no one in germany cared. The soldiers went about their executions with merriment as if they were at summer camp, no one did anything. Sure, Hitler was the guy who got the job done, but he was a psychopath, The General Populace of Germany wanted the job done. Hitler will be forgiven because of his insanity before the general populace of that Germany will ever be forgiven for its coldness towards its fellow humanity.

If you let the Tyranny of the Majority control your actions then you are responsible for what that Majority causes. Don't let the Tyranny of the Majority convince you that you're wrong just because they are a Majority and you're not.