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Latest Version (October 23, 2000): 1.4a

SMAUG is a mud codebase, a derivitive of the Merc Codebase which is itself a derivitive of the DIKU codebase. Smaug stands for "Simulated Medievial Adventure Multi-User Game". Developed by the project head Derek Snider (aka Thoric) and a cast of coders who call themselves Altrag, Blodkai, Narn, Haus, Scyrn, Rennard, Swordbearer, Grog, Grishnakh, Nivek, Tricops and Fireblade.

The SMAUG code started out as simply the mud merc 2.1 mud 'Realms of Despair' in 1994 and developed into a public release in December 1996 when it was christened SMAUG.

The Goal for SMAUG was to be the most feature rich, yet stable and consistant code base. There is no cutting and pasting in the code since nearly all features it has were put into the code by the development team, well designed, and well integrated.

The homepage for SMAUG is at

The main implementation of SMAUG is the mud Realms of Despair at port 4000