It's the last weekend of the month, and in the course of history, September 2001 has become the worst month of our lives. This weekend marks the beginning of the best days of our lives, after all, they can't get much worse than September.

This is not the end. This is not the Beginning. This is the middle of that non existent entity known as time. Since the beginning, we have been after the past and before the future, and now is no different. There is only the present.

Life, indeed the universe, contains (perhaps consists of) a constant struggle between forces and gravitations of extremes, hopes and dreams.

The present struggles envelop our very realities, our external conflicts over the creation a Pax Americana or a Global Peace in which every individual is safe, and our internal struggles to create a view and perspective of the world which is not consumed with evil and despair.

Last month we were delt many severe blows in both of these struggles. As a community, as a nation, as a world, and as people, we have entered a new phase, and we have entered it stronger.

As two opposing forces of Global will confront each other for a million different reasons per million different individuals,

As we each deal with other conflicts that are smaller in scope yet universal in nature,

We will fight the good fight. We will fight a Jihad against misery and despair. We will fight for a fatwah concerning the beauty in all things and the good in people.

It's time to get up and live on, never forgetting the beauty and joy we cherish and the despair and misery we have sworn to destroy. It starts today, and it doesn't end.