Things I need to do soon.

AP US History position paper: 'How democratic colonial America?'
AP US History outside reading: 'Founding Brothers'
Algebra 2 Quadratic Functions

I enjoy ap us history and all but the more I go to school and take classes like 9th grade literature and 11th grade literature, have days where 3 of my classes (including alg2) consist of preparing for a test i'll never take, (in the Georgia High School Graduation Writing Test), I honestly don't think that i'm going anywhere with this high school thing. Where is it really going to take me? Well, considering how motivated and caring (i.e. affix un-) the councilors and people who are responsible for assigning my classes are, the answer is obviously nowhere.

My first job is going okay. I have the esteemed job of dishwasher. I was originally a waiter, but i'm too stupid or something for that so I think they gave me the dishwashing job because a) they are short on dishwashers b) I think the manager feels sorry for me. I'm not sure about that, but, seems strange that she would lie to me about noo needing more waiters. (I'm fairly convinced she lied because after moving me to dishwasher they hired some new ones.)

But dishwashing isn't so bad. You get paid the same per hour as the waiters, and since you have to work longer, you end up getting paid more. On the downside, you have to work longer, though. Also, you learn all the dirty secrets of resturants.

The line staff (the people who prepare the food) are pretty cool, if a bit crazy.

"Hey Thaddius, whats this for?"
"Thats the .. hobart machine.... Thats... Thats for good times."