I noticed that people have a hard time upvoting good daylogs other people have. It must be a form of catholic guilt that keeps people from doing that. Then again it could be a fear of xp whores.

I noticed that nobody remembers who the hell I am here. This isn't really important. People know your nodes better than they know you.

Medievia is pissing me off lately, mostly because the waste of time that is school has been taking all my time. That said my clan is popping away fine without me, Medievian Dark Syndicate is still usually ranked between 4th and 6th overall, even though most people still don't consider them a power clan. I've wanted to join Medievian Blood of The Fallen recently, but I have too many obligations (even in a state of retirement) to leave 98. But Medievian Blood of the Fallen is the home of the Atlanta mudders. Balancing such relationships can become difficult when real life relationships are created over an online game.

I have too much crap every day to worry about medievia though. Here is my list for this wonderful labor day weekend:
  • Write a silly little Short Story
  • Practice using the Short form of FOIL in Algebra 2, (something I should have learned in 1997)
  • Silly Algebra 2 worksheets
  • A short (as in not research style) position paper, "Was Colonial American Culture Unique?" for AP US History
  • Start a long (as in research paper style) position paper, not sure of the topic yet, but thats why i'm going to visit the Woodruff Library
  • Read a bunch of things for AP US History, in addition to the text book, an outside reading titled Founding Brothers
  • Meditate on the nature of Mercantilism, because it'll probably have something to do with a Test Essay Topic.

    It always seems like it's not that much when I enumerate it in a list, but procrastination kills dictators every time.

    Of course, to finish the Colonial American Culture thing, I have to call a group today at about 3pm and get them to agree to meet at a little cafe type place just outside the Emory campus, called Panera Bread. Mostly because this girl in my group named Roopali really likes Panera Bread.

    Doc Chey Noodle House still gets no respect.

    I've been 17 for a while. I wish I had a car, then I wouldn't feel like I was seven.