10:57am (I just woke up, had my stimulants.)
Yawn. I have the day off today, teacher work day or something over at Druid Hills High School. I think i'm going to go to the Bookstore called 'Books and Bites' down the street from me and sell a bunch of the books I don't want anymore. I'm told that "Science Fiction Sells" so I might drag over a bunch of that. The guy I talked to last night probaly felt I was boring as crap to talk to because of my sometimes monotone voice but he was a nice guy, and they buy books, so i'm happy about it.

Contrary to previous years i'm sort of bored with days off like these because I don't usually hook up with my friends on days like these, as opposed to school days where I usually hang out with whoever is around for a few hours after school. I'm sort of a lonely guy like that, I guess.


I just read a comming out node, I think my respect for saige grew by about 20 fold when I did, but measurement of such things is futile at best.

Anyway, someone hates my guts, downvoting all my wu's (including this one, hehe), spreading a rumor that I am dman, (I am not dman, leave me alone.) and linking stuff involving the word fuck to a good number of my nodes.

I thought for a while it was Jet-Poop since they had continually accused me of being DMan when he was still around, but when I confronted Jet-Poop about it, they denied it, I simply said, "If I find out who is spreading that rumor there is going to be some ass kicking." Which is essentially true.

But if you hate my guts, the least you could do is be up front about it. =)

3:10pm (Just got back from looking for a job.)
Well, I was out looking for a job today and a friend who I saw passing by in a car said that I should try Kyoto Joe's. I eventually looked there and sure enough they were intrested, they wanted a guy to work the counter and take orders from 6pm to 9pm. So I filled out a job application and the man on duty told me that I would probaly get a buzz from him in a few weeks, since the job opening will be created from sending people out on dilevery. Three hours a night is a good haul for me since i'm generally poor, even minimum wage work will get me at least $15 a night, and if I work five nights a week i'll have $75 every week, or $300 a month. Sweet, espically since I have free room and board, and it's much better than the $60 a month allowance i've been getting from, (who else) my father.

I was thinking about bringing those books by but now i'm not sure i'm going to. I realise now they are all in not so great condition. Maybe I will anyway, it's not like i'm doing anything here, as you can see from my user search. =(

4:01pm (I've done a little noding)
Argh. It turns out that there is a writeup size limit for e2. I tried to post a log of "An Example of Medievia CPK" but it was too big. Dammit. I also tried to edit my writeup in Stenberg V. Carhart: Breyer, but it's very difficult to edit. I still haven't gotten that thing fixed. This is the stuff that makes e2 difficult sometimes, but we fight thru it. I am a man, I have duct tape, noding music and Hostages, and dammit, I can do this... eventually.