1:33am (Early Early Early Morning, before I go to bed)
Bad day all around. We're on the verge of war in the middle east today. My brain is on empty. The only thing that sustains my noding at this time of night is Dagda's 'Underworld', a Celtic/new age album which I mentioned in my first entry to noding music.

I seem to have passed achan in xp temporarily. Not that I care, but it's always intresting to see how you relate to other noders. I've been here so long yet I have so little xp for people who have been noders as long as I. Xp has apparently a nil effect on keeping me intrested. I'm much more kept around e2 every so often by putting information into e2 and whatnot, and the fact that it has become sort of a chic monk type order of people just randomly throwing crap into a database and seeing what gems get chucked back out at them.

Stile is apparently going to be a noder now, or something. God help us all.

11:02am (I just woke up and watched some football news)

Comments on above strife

I think it should be important to clarify in the daylogs above that the node in question (Useful Latin Phrases) was removed not because it was misnamed but because it was factually incorrect. I was under the impression that the node was removed because it was useful latin phrases in a node called useful latin phrases which is not possible since latin is a dead language (i.e.: I would like to order a pizza, Could I use your bathroom, Excuse me, My head is stuck in the elevator, etcetera) In fact, according to the editor daylogs, I think that the person who nuked himself is also under the impression that the node was removed because it was in the wrong place. Such a misimpression is rather unfortunate since if a node was actually nuked for such a reason it would be downright lame.

End waxing

I just noticed that my submission to the Everything AIM Repository has been downvoted to -2. I guess people must not like me very much. :(

3:00pm (I've had lunch and theres a football game on)
So, the Falcons (My home team) are playing the Rams (of whom I have Torry Holt for a fantasy player), but the Rams lost their Kicker, so they are having to attempt 2 point conversions on every successful drive, and the field goal mentality has been removed. It's just insane. Stuff like this isn't suppose to happen in the super-conservative play of the NFL.

3:49pm (The game is all but over and i'm about to head out)
The Falcons are all but guaranteed to lose now, and I am slowly realising that I have a fricking Latin Midterm on vocabulary tommorow. I believe I made a dumb node detaling the words I have to have memorized, but I forgot what it was. Anyway i'm about to head out to my normal home (i've been noding from my dads house.) where I will be unable to use the java chatterbox since java on my personalLinux computer is, well, horrid.

7:59pm (I'm at home and i've done some studying)
Okay, i've downloaded mozilla milestone 18, and.. there no nice way to say this.... It sucks ass. To begin with, you will be noding unto frustration with it because in text editing boxes control + arrow_pad_right works, but control + arrow_pad_left doesn't. It's nearly impossible to find a java plugin to work with mozilla outside of the one that comes with plugin finder, and for whatever reason, the two times i've done the hour long downloads, it's crashed right after downloading without installing, thereby not allowing me java, or use of the java chatterbox (hence why I would really like a non-java-chatterbox client to be made by just about anyone.)

10:22pm (I should be going to bed soon, watching a Baseball game)
I've decided to bring along a composition notebook to school with me for a while in which I can prepare nodes and writings for e2, and should it be lost, the lucky finder may be drawn into our little world by the e2vertising which i've placed on the inside.

The New York Yankees are leading the Seattle Mariners 3 games to 1 in the American League Championship, and the New York Mets are on the verge of leading (STL 6 NYM 10 Top of the 7th inning) the Saint Louis Cardinals 3 games to 1 in the National League Championship, thereby opening the possibility of a Subway Series.
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