Well, it was fun to have the chatterbox for a while, but now thats gone since Nate has blocked the GTK+ Chatterbox Client, I bitched about it in the chatterbox and got borged by someone, so i've decided to leave the chatterbox off forever, (It just takes up space anywho, and I can't follow it without a client, it's too much of a pain.) Never again will I commit such a sin against #everything as to use the Chatterbox, at least until theres something with a much nicer interface and the Chatterbox uses streaming.

This means i'll probaly only check messages like once a day though. There should be a way to use the chatterbox but turn off the public chatter crap.

Anywho I spent most of today studying Shakesphere's Julius Caesar, which is far too english for me, I rushed thru the study guide and now I have to be tested on it tommorow probaly, argh.