Well, it's Thursday.

The Thursday before memorial day no less.

I nodeshell'ed myself: Shanoyu is pretty much crazy.

If I don't do it, who will? Like I said, i'm envious of DMan's haters. I've only been back for a few days (look on my user page, i've been a user longer than most of you.) and my reputation is already going evil.

Maybe there should be a seperate thing for everything called Alignment, which shows how your opinions match up to the rest of everything. If a writeup is rather opinionated, then you get some seperate alignment votes, which you can use on writeups. Or maybe you can just use it on the user in general. Either way, Alignment wouldn't really mean anything, except to show the diversity of opinions and people on everything. Kind of silly, yet oddly intresting!

Got to level 18 in med, too lazy to do 19 right now, so i'm writing my daylog. Unfortunately I never sleep at night so all of my daylogs are secretly nightlogs! But i'm not dreaming so they certainly aren't Dreamlogs. Ah well.

I think Saige is pretty much silly. Talking about "Even Taxes" like they actually exist in The Evil Liberal Conspiracy Out to Destroy DMan. Hes cutez.

In observation of the horrific downtime and crashes yesterday, I wrote a POEM!, Enjoy!