Use your Daylog as a Bitchlog, Heres how!

People just don't like me or something. A few of my "best friends" are going on a trip during spring break to Virgina, but i'm not invited, because they can't deal with me. This isn't too convoluted, I mean, nobody can deal with me, i'm an asshole or something.

A nice little study by some university somewhere reveals that when you feel pain, other people observing you feel pain too. For instance, if you saw someone getting crushed by a massive rock, that recoil you feel in your body is your brain saying, "Wouldn't that hurt? I wouldn't let that happen if I were you, WHICH I AM, SO DON'T." So of course my depression keeps people away, which is ironic because my depression is caused by my infinite distance from others. In the end i'm nothing more than a dangerous vampire bent on ending someones good day, I guess.

Yeah, another spring break spent in front of the computer.

Despite all the things that change about me, the one constant is my anger towards the world.