I have a vague idea of how this is all going down.

Good old Ralph Nader is calling George W. Bush a dictator. Well, you have nobody to thank but yourself for his presidency, buddy.

Around the world various protests are taking place as a standard knee-jerk reaction to any conflict or, well, anything. A few years ago they march up and down protesting for Mumia, now they protest for Saddam. Gosh, why don't people take them seriously!?

Meanwhile, Iraq is violating the Geneva Convention, which is, lets face it, a viable public relations strategy for what the regime is trying to accomplish. Firstly, making it seem more dangerous for his troops to surrender, second, demoralizing (not that it will) US troops, etc.

Was Al-Quaeda in Iraq?

Probably, but they were probably there for the wrong reason. Osama does not like Saddam in power because he is a secular ruler, and thus an obstacle to the re-establishment of the Khilafah. Osama's overall wet-dream is the reestablishment of that Islamic state. Iraq is an obstacle to the establishment, and the U.S. is the common, unifying enemy.

Let me rephrase. Saddam was a secular ruler. In the past few years he's gotten rather more religious, if only because he thinks of himself as the second Muhammad or something. Is self-worship a religion?

So, why does Osama want an Islamic state, and what does he have to do with the war on Iraq? Well, he may have hoped his temporary presence there would incite the U.S. to attack Iraq, which it may well have. Second, Osama is a keen buisnessman- he fucking shorted airline stocks on september 10th. He owned (I think) bottling plants in the middle east for Snapple. (It really doesn't matter whether you're buying Snapple or Pot, someone nasty gets your money no matter what you do with it.) Third, the only way for this collection of muslim states to gain enforcably equal footing with the west is to form an economic superpower. OBL likely believes that all other things, a strong Islamic military for instance, feed from this one goal.

Did we get played? Who knows, film at 11 kids. Either way, it's not like we're doing a bad thing by removing Saddam from power.