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The day is not today. The day was not yesterday, nor was it the day before yesterday, or the day before that. This may lead you to believe it is tommorow, but it is not tommorow, nor any of the days following or preceeding it. The day will never come which you live for. Sometimes you have to come to it.

The middle of June, the middle of Summer, the inverse of winter. Snowflakes of steam pelt us as the burning rain falls across Atlanta. Scattered showers clearing by midafternoon, a sweltering evening follows.

Eventually the pulsating trigonometric functions which govern our life cycles ebb, to rise again from the depths of negativity. Tears for Fears, Driving and Crying, shitty 80's bands express the times of today with the names of yesteryear. You'd never know it unless you thought so.

Shoot the skinnies, set up some perimeters. We've got wars of exponental magnitude both growth and decay. The perpetual union threatens to violate logical function, the plutonium cannot be returned to mars, we must send it to South Carolina instead.

The world goes on as we're driving and dying whether it be a humvee in the desert or a 747 headed for London on a clear blue night. (With apologies to Salman Rushdie, who cannot be forgiven.) Although this does not legally qualify as a vehicle.

The best we can do for you is offer you a war in miniture, televised, out of sight since it's held at 3am, just like the real one except the projectiles falling from the sky don't usually explode. We hope this doesn't detract from the entertainment value. Actually, we don't really care.

The world will never be the same except for the way it is now and always has been. The soda fountains and your '64 chevy are gone forever, although we wont pick up the flying cars, and you weren't really that innocent in those days, but the point is no one is. And just because you aren't innocent doesn't mean you can't hold up the light of hope screaming the Battle Hymn of the Republic like a madman as you wake up from your drunken stupor in a Marine Barracks somewhere east or west of Vietnam although you'd never relate your position to Southeast Asia just like you wouldn't consider the equidistant point between Sol and Alpha Centari unless there was a gigantic fish flying through space right about there, just like in that cartoon back in the day, Robotech.

A cartoon about war, the kind which you watched as a child and played soldier with. But now the times have changed and you're too quaker/sissy to fight to the death anyway. (Just like all of us.) But don't worry or weep for future, just walk there. Throw the dart, find the destination, but remember, Life is a Warzone.