Please excuse the mess for I am not fit to be writ at times.

I think I sold my soul to high school. All my applications are in and here I am, not enjoying senioritis. Tommorow I get to enjoy a Calculus test on integrals, involving volumes, solids of revolution, and areas between curves. As it stands i'm boing to bomb like a Korean dictator.

I have been thinking about what I want from college in terms of what I want to study in addition to my primary interest, history. I'm considering one of the fancy languages, like Latin, (ancient) Greek, Hebrew, or Arabic. Latin will probably win out over the others simply because Cicero is ten times the badass Plato is, with apologies to the Neoplatonists.

I hope I get into Yale. As it stands I spend way too much time worrying about where i'm going to college. I hope I at least get into University of Chicago, that would be an awesome place to go to, even given the fact that if you leave the bubble of Hyde Park and enter the jungle of South Chicago... well.