Gosh, gosh, gosh.

A veritable treasure trove of monkeys!

Much belated node stuff to do:
1. Yes, I know she's a woman, dammit. I'll fix it soon.
2. Go through messagebox and fix errors.
3. Write this daylog.

Things I have to do for School:
  • Read about European History. Page one is about Jacob Fugger!
  • Read about Calculus, specifically, how do we find the volume of some crazy solid.
  • Read about Chemistry and do problems involving Liquids and Solids. Exciting stuff!
  • Read about Economics, har har.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, some reflections:
    If God is omniscient, all knowing, and benevolent, then the writings he has commissioned contain a great deal of wisdom.

    We are not omniscient and all knowing, so we cannot know if God is omniscient and all knowing, except by blind faith.

    However, we know enough to know what we are.

    Therefore, if we read and analyze the writings he has commissioned, we should be able to determine if he is, in fact, God, or at least close enough to worship.