A Gun Trigger Lock is a Locking Mechanism that fits over the trigger of a gun, to prevent it from being fired. For some reason, gun control advocates and gun rights activists argue over these being manditorily provided to no end, despite the fact that requiring them to be provided with guns would be the one of the most cosmetic changes to gun laws ever preformed.

Usually, the Trigger Lock has padding on it's insides so that it doesn't Damage the Guns finish. They are used by Gun Dealers so that someone can't break into their store and steal then use their guns. While the Trigger Lock is on the gun, this prevents the gun from being used, effectively making it worthless.

To Remove a Trigger lock, you insert the key, turn it, and then pull the two piece lock apart. This adds several steps to using a gun to defend yourself. (Since if you know you in advance are going to need to use a gun it will already be unlocked.) Namely, finding the key, finding the gun, unlocking the gun, removing the lock, and then finally being to the step of loading the gun if it's unloaded.

Of course, if you don't want to use a Trigger Lock that you get with your gun on a manditory basis, you can just take it off and leave it off.

Why do gun control advocates care? All manditory trigger locks do are drive up the cost of trigger locks by taking the choices (That is, what trigger lock someone may want!) of trigger locks out of the gun buyers hands, which is why the Gun Industry (Which is not the same as the Gun Rights Lobby.) agrees to go along with it. This way, Gun Shop owners will not be able to explode Gun sales (i.e. seperate everything that comes with a gun and sell it seperately to provide the consumer with more choice.) thereby increasing their profits!

I don't belive the Gun Control Lobby fell for the reverse psychology ploy of the Gun Industry. The Gun Industry says that it would be too expensive for them to provide Manditory Trigger locks which "may save lives" in various statements, and people don't believe the too expensive part, but they believe the gun industry on the second part!

Gun Control Advocates entertain me to no end.

To summarize, Manditory Trigger Locks is a hilarious joke played upon the Gun Control Lobby by the Gun Industry.