Tommorow (Well, the day after tommorow, right now, dec. 11) is my birthday. I will be 18. I am a washed up failure at 18. How god damned uplifting.

The semester is almost over and I am on the verge of not making A's. The class I have the most problems with is Algebra 2 because I always have to fake whatever the hell i'm doing, seeing as I took Algebra 1 in 1996. I don't remember the laws and properties etc. that make life easier in Algebra 2. Thus, I am desprately seeking a math tutor. email me at if you a kind soul who has nothing better to do with his/her time. For instance here is a problem that i'm stuck on.

Microwave Oven Problem

The number of minutes it takes to cook bacon in a microwave oven depends on how many slices you put in at once. A popular brand of oven specifies 1.75 minutes of cooking for 2 slices, and 2.5 minutes for 4 slices.

Blah blah blah, basically the problem wants me to set up a system of equations to find out what the general equation is for this: Assume that the number of minutes varies directly with some power of the number of slices ( not necessarily an integer power). Use the two given ordered pairs to derive the particular equation expressing the number of minutes in terms of the number of slices. You must be clever to do this!

so t = k(s^x) and I subs in the other things and I get a really gay system.

Yeah, math sucks. School sucks more. I suck even more than that.