Chu Chu Rocket is an interesting example of how easy it is to blunder online play in a game. Were you to use Sega's servers today, you would find that there is one online server with people on it, with roughly an average of 17 players online. For a mass market video game that allows people to use the internet connections they already own, this is rather pitiful.

The game is not very bandwidth intensive by Sega's own admission. [1] However, despite the low bandwidth requirements the game is still barely playable in its online mode. It is possible in its current state to play a game in which there is roughly a 35 second delay between placing an arrow and the arrow actually appearing on the field. This is simply unplayable. Will Dreamcast Online Play for any game ever be good enough for Dreamcast games to be enjoyable online?

1. Source - IGN's Review of Chu Chu Rocket