Spring break continues rolling along and i'm slowly starting to realise that I need to get some work done.

Fill out college applications to take the SMART PEOPLES SUMMER SCHOOL at Perimeter College, study for the SAT, start reviewing for the AP US History exam. I'm occassionally moved to node something important, but whenever I log on I see some editor who doesn't want to talk to me hiding behind Klaproth (who I thought I had ignored) telling me he has moved something or another and that I need to do something to make all of my links work.

Cashed my essay check for the Black History month essay today, or rather deposited it. Thus in the grand scheme of things the bank gets to rob me of my money with no hope of interest for the great honor of being able to let me give them my money. Hurrah for capitalism.

My personal life is going well. The true measure of a relationship is based upon the lack of rational thought needed to do something for that person. The less there is, the better the relationship.

Girlfriend problems. Girlfriend's birthday was yesterday, but shes in New England visiting her brother at Yale. I need to figure out what to buy her for her birthday when I see her again on monday. I bought her a blank card with a bicycle on it, and I am going to write something about her bicycle in it. Actually, I am going to write something about my response to seeing her bicycle, namely, looking about to see if she is present.

It is for her that I worry so greatly about my nonsense with the nonsense nonsense. Excuse me, that is a measure of how frustrated I am with the old school situation. Better is never good enough. Melior, eh?

Back to Girlfriend. Girlfriend is going to Yale. Girlfriend's father went to Yale, mother went to Yale, brother is going to Yale. Prospect of highly intelligent girlfriend not getting into yale: Equivilant to the possibility of world peace. Prospect for me getting in: Less than the possibility of world peace, at least as things presently stand.

1. Learn how to write in english. My command of the language is not good. Elements of Stylistas still hunt me.
2. Get better at math. As it stands, the skills I possess are not up to par.
3. Do not screw things up between now and application time.
4. Improve spelling.

I wonder if anyone has noded the whole of english grammar.