Outfoxed is a documentary by Robert Greenwald (best known for Uncovered: The Whole Truth About the Iraq War) that accuses Fox News of having a Republican slant. The film was put together in secret because it it rests on treacherous legal ground. Outfoxed features reams of internal memos and footage straight from the Fox News Channel, all without permission from ol' Rupert. Greenwald is being compared to Michael Moore, as could be expected of any up-and-coming liberal documentary maker, but Outfoxed is purported to be a more straight-forward piece, eschewing Moore's humor and emotional appeal. Outfoxed was funded by MoveOn, The Center for American Progress, and numerous individuals, including Greenwald himself. It was made for about $300,000. As of yet, Fox News has not announced any legal action against Greenwald. As of yet.
Outfoxed premiered in New York on July 13, 2004.