So my Crohn's Disease is flaring-up again which means that I have to spend a few days on an all-liquid diet, live 24/7 on my pain pills, and rest in bed most all of the time. I have no energy beyond what's required to push the buttons on the TV remote control or write nodes. Work and college don't matter right now; it all gets put aside. I've worked out deadline extensions and make-up work and so forth, and I just have to concentrate on healing and feeling better.

My main concern right now is food. I want to eat. I haven't eaten in days because my intestines are swollen closed in places and food will not pass through. I can only drink vanilla Ensure, water, and caffeine free sodas. I want to chew. I want to eat something with flavor. At this point I'd gnaw on my own arm because I know there's meat on it.

To get my mind off it all I watch television and write nodes. Anyone got a node request? Help me take my mind off my hunger.