This has been a most atypical week.


  • Boss agrees to my request to begin working full time
  • Angry students turn against hated professor; demand he reviews confusing topic until it is understood by all
  • Package arrives from someone, but is held at post office until I can pick it up
Tuesday Wednesday
  • Homework returned by hated professor. Surprisingly, grade does not suck
  • Doctor calls; wants to see me tomorrow for post-surgery news
  • In order to go to the doctor I must cancel afternoon events, thereby requiring me to be in two places at once all morning
  • I must be at work, but I must also track down three professors to turn in assignments; professors do not adhere to their own office hours
  • When I return from tracking people down, I find the boss has already left for a meeting I was supposed to go to. Boss is still in parking lot, so I run to catch up. Boss is already leaving parking lot; somehow I manage to run and catch up to the car. This is my first time running since surgery in May.
  • After work I must track down remaining professors
  • En route to the doctor in the afternoon I eat first fast food since surgery in May.
  • Arrive at doctor's office two hours early; must wait three hours in waiting room. Also turns out that doctor didn't really call for me; someone in the appointment department was mistaken. Bill of good health given, told to come back in one year, no charge for today.
  • Another package arrives from someone, but is held at apartment office until I can pick it up.

I can't wait to see what happens next week.