It's a weird, weird feeling, knowing what you want after being lost so long. Sometimes what you want isn't what you need, dozens of Lifetime platitudes will tell you as much. Sometimes though, what you want isn't what wants you right now. When this happens, you can move along, and many do. Other times though, you stick to the spot. In these times, you might have any of a huge variety of reasons for it. Sometimes it's a pure desire for what's in front of you, other times it's a perspective thing, relatively it's the best you've had. Other times still, it's a pure stubborn nature that over takes you, something that makes you say "No, you move."

I spent a long time not quite sure what I wanted, in life, in people around me. In the end, maybe still don't know exactly what I want, and I know I can't quite word it well enough to satisfy myself. All I know is I'm tired of moving, tired of trying, tired of the bounty of other choices. I'm done with it. I'm sticking to this spot, and if everything else shifts away, so be it.

I won't leave, won't stray. There's no other place to go for me now, no other real choices. I see what I want, and I want to stay with it now. I'm happy, even when I'm not. Maybe it's immature, maybe it's stupid and wrong and all sorts of other things people say when they want you to change, but fuck it. This is my ground, and if what I want decides it doesn't want me, it can move past me. Life is good, and I'm not in any rush to change it.