Only 6 days ago, I had the chance to meet the 14th Dalai Lama in Japan and listen to his views on peace. This was the first time that I actually listen to him and I found him very inspirational and a very humble simple funny man. He was so close to people's hearts in his speech that everyone there from all different religions and nationalities admired his vision. He called for peace by action, not just prayers. He answered our questions and called for education which is something that I personally believe is very vital to for world's peace. He wore an open baseball cap and shared some funny personal stories calling himself the lazy Dalai Lama as he was trying to talk the Japanese youth into improving their English skills to benefit the world from their knowledge and to be able to survive outside of Japan since language is another vital thing to development, I believe. He is a man with a true vision. I'm grateful for that opportunity.