From the website:
Denemo is a graphical music notation program to be used in conjunction with GNU Lilypond. It is written in C using gtk+. Denemo is intended to be a tool for composers and arrangers, many of whom find a music processing environment useful for the task of creating music. Though Lilypond is a powerful and versatile program, it is a stretch to say that most people can visualize how their score is developing based on what the music definition language they've typed into emacs looks like.
The design principles thus far are as follows: a simple, elegant, non-elephantine interface; What You See Is What You Mean; and a focus on accepting user input from the keyboard. Unlike LyX (a prominent WYSIWYM GUI frontend to LaTeX), it is not intended that knowledge of Denemo will serve as a substitute for knowledge of Lilypond or Lilypond's music definition language.
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