An amusing computer game created by Ikari Corp. The basic strategy of the game relies on skill and luck. The game is simple, yet very hard to master. It consists of ten by ten checkered board having a total of 100 tiles. The user swaps to different symbols in order to make a match of one or more. When there is a valid match, those symbols disappear and all the other symbols above it fall down in the blank spaces. At the top new random symbols appear to fill in the void. The user can create chain reactions. For example, if making match causes other matches to occur, then the user earns points for those matches. The minimum number of matching symbols can range from one (easy mode) to ten (hard mode). Overall, the game keeps going until there are no more available matches left. In my opnion, the best strategy is to work at the bottom of the board because it's easier to find matches this way than looking all over the board hunting for possible matches. Also, as you advance in the levels, a timer appears in every round. When this timer runs out, it causes a game over. However, if you make a match while the timer is still decreasing, the timer increases based on hard a match you made.