If you have a bad credit record in the UK, you can do as pokeyhead and cahla recommend, that is challenge the record, or you can simply try to nuke your record.

To challenge your record, first request that the ratings agency give you a copy of the records they have on you. Under the Data Protection Act you are entitled to see all the information they have on you. They are entitled to charge you a £10 fee for this. If you are not dealing with one of the big three agencies, and you can't find an appropriate contact, address your letter to their data controller, company secretary, or the CEO. The Information Commissioner has a form letter, check out the website given below. You are entitled to a reply within 40 days. The three main agencies adresses are available on the Information commissioners website.

Having this information, write to The people who supplied the information. Check what information they have. Typically, they will delete all references to you from their records, as this is easier than quibbling. You do not have an absolute right to this, however. Also, the courts are a different matter, although they are tractable, as described on the website.

NOW challenge the items in your credit record.

Much information taken from www.dataprotection.gov.uk. There is much more info there, I recommend that you read it.