My review of Chrono Cross. Please give me feed back. This will help me with what I want to be after college. Well, here we go:

Story: I gave a 9.5/10
A story that doesn't revolve around the characters? I'm not sure if there is another game like this but this is my first game this way. With over 40 characters, it's a little hard to use the characters for story plot. Only 2 actually have some importance to the story. Serge and Kid. And the story itself doesn't require you to go out and play Chrono Trigger first, (although there are many references to CT).

Music: I gave a 9/10
Yasanori Mitsuda did a great job with the soundtrack. The music for CC only made this game much more magical. Not a song I didn't like which is rare for any game or artist these days.

Characters: I gave a 6/10
43 characters is quite a bit for one to use. Most of us don't really use most of these and only select a few for main use. However they are imaginative and some are just cool altogether (Pip and his evolutions). The many characters lead to the story to be independant, which goes to show just how good the writers at Square are.

Gameplay: I gave a 8/10
What can I say? The battle system is different and unique. With many variations of elemental combinations, this game can be tricky your first time through. And no exp. in this game. This means no leveling up for hours so you can beat the pants off of who ever you are having trouble with.