QuikDine, aka QuikDine.com, is an Internet-based food and beverage delivery service based in Springfield, Missouri. Started a couple of years ago by an entrepreneur, this business serves as the middle-man between more than two dozen local restaurants (including Chili's, Rio Bravo, Quizno's, Harpo's, Jade East, Jade Garden, KFC) and the consumer. A customer places an order via http://www.quikdine.com or the phone (with a $10 minimum and a $5.25-$7.25 delivery surcharge), then one of QuikDine's roving drivers picks it up and delivers it to the customer's door.

QuikDine uses distinctive yellow Ford Focus hatchback company cars for delivery. Within these cars, it uses coolers and hot-boxes powered by the vehicle's electrical system to keep the food restaurant-fresh during delivery. QuikDine attempts to deliver the food within one hour of the order being placed.