I was fooling around with Bluelight's free internet access to compare different ones and see which one I wanted to stick with when I realized that their web site gives no information whatsoever about the POP and SMTP accounts I'd need to be able to run email through Outlook while I'm dialed up through them. So, with great fear and trepidation, to tech support land we went. This is as close to verbatum as I can recall:

BlueLight Tech Support Guy with Southern Drawl: Hi, can I just get your name and phone number to fill out the support ticket.
Me: Sure. (I give the information)
Tech: Okay, great. What kind of error are you getting?
Me: It's not an error, actually, I'm just curious as to what Bluelight's incoming and outcoming mail servers are so that I can check my email accounts through Outlook while I'm connected through Bluelight.
Tech: Uh...but can't you just check it at Yahoo.com?
Me: That's how I'd check my new Bluelight account, but I need Bluelight's mail server info to check other accounts, like say my school email account.
Tech: Ohhhh. Um, I'm not really sure how to do that. Let me go check with someone...
(Five minutes of silence)
Tech: Hello? Okay....my boss said that you'd have to find out your server info through your school.
Me: (In a pleading voice) No, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna need Bluelight's POP and SMTP info so I don't get relaying errors.
Tech: Ohhhhh...hold on one second.
(Five minutes of silence)
Tech: Okay, here it is...(gives me the info)...have a nice day.

It's not drop dead funny or anything, I just through it was amusing that it took ten minutes for the brain trust over there to figure out what their mail servers were...