Azaria Chamberlain is interesting as she died only 10 weeks after she was born. It was probably one of Australia's most amazing stories. It was made into a movie called "Evil Angels" with Meryl Streep. She died on August 17,1980 when her mother Lindy said she was taken by a Dingo from a family tent. At the time they were camping at Ayers Rock in central Australia. Aboriginals confirmed her story and tracked the Dingo to an area where the childs torn clothes were found later on.

After a while suspicions were raised and rumours started as the Chamberlains were devout Seventh Day Adventists and many were saying the child was sacrificed in some bizarre religious ceremony. Lindy Chamberlain was charged and sentenced to life in jail, mainly on the evidence of a British forensic expert who claimed to have found the childs blood in their car. She claimed the pattern of blood showed the childs throat was cut. It was later shown this so called blood was rust inhibitor and the case was re-opened. Lindy was acquitted after spending two and a half years in jail.