I was born two days after Christmas, but I don't remember ever feeling like I was getting ripped off.

The one thing I do remember is, every time I'd tell someone my birthday, they'd reply, "Awwwwwww, that's too bad, you must get less birthday presents."

My not feeling ripped off might be a result of my parents following a particular routine every year around that season:

    As soon as we got our Christmas tree, they'd start putting presents under it. Some for me, some for other family members. But my presents were all labeled either XMAS or BDAY. I could clearly see that I had more presents than everyone else.

    On Christmas day, we each took turns opening presents until all the presents were gone. Or in my case, until all the presents labeled XMAS were gone. All the ones labeled BDAY had to remain under the tree to torture me for two more days. Since my birthday was always treated as a big deal like this, I never felt left out.

It's possible that (being young and bad at math) I was getting a greater number of presents but they were worth about as much as everyone else's. I have no way of giving you an objective dollar amount. I can only say that it felt like I was getting a fair deal.