One of the more current theories about the big bang suggests that it did not begin as a singularity containing all the mass of the universe, but as an incident in which a virtual particle pair (shall we call them Adam and Eve?) of sufficient mass and velocity to escape each other erupted into existence and in the wake of this extremely unlikely event ripped the universe into being.

That, in a hugely over-simplified nutshell, is where all this came from.

The Adam and Eve particles did not make up the entire mass of the universe, in fact, their total energy was only equal to more than 20 pounds, but they were the spark that lit the fire of inflation. Hawking radiation is responsible for the matter in our universe.

A topic like this is almost impossible to cover thoroughly. I'm sorry if my write-up leaves you confused, angry, or wanting more. I feel the need to go more in-depth explaining virtual particles, hawking radiation, Decay of the X boson, infinite spatial dimensions, Inflation, Conservation of Energy, cosmic background radiation, the anthropic principle, vacuum genesis, Black-holes as the breeding grounds of universes... etc. I will see what I can do to cover these topics.

Infinite thanks goes to Dr. Steve Brusca of Humboldt State University for making it possible for a motivationally-challenged liberal arts student to qualitatively understand so much of the workings of our universe. Infinite apologies for any mistakes I might make, I am barely a step above a troglodyte.