At some point I was part of the SG1 group from Stargate, and we were in some alien world, next to large round object. There were nets over it for climbing on, but Samantha Carter was injured so she couldnt climb. The leader of the group sent some soldiers to carry her up, and I climbed up too to see what was going on. On top of it was a numeric pad, and Samantha quickly keyed in a code. I tried to memorize it just for fun, but it was too complicated. Next she sent an SMS message about what had been done, and I typed in exact copies of her messages and sent them to WWWWolf. She looked at me oddly, and I thought if that was because the messages would have been secret, but then she asked "Why a fox?". I blinked from suprise, but then noticed that she meant the logo on my phone..

After the mission we got into the briefing room, and our equipment was put back to storage. General Hammond gave me a folded paper, which freaked me quite badly because it was the sexy picture of a vixen I've had in my pocket! He said "You forgot your.. ahem.. `fox`, in your vest pocket.", and I quickly snapped the picture from his hand before he could ask any more questions about it..

I walked to the street, nervous about my furry stuff getting revealed, and put the paper in my pocket. I went to some shop, and after paying something with paper money, the salesperson gave back my change, on top of a familiar paper. I grabbed my face in agony as the salesperson said "Eh.. Its quite odd that someone likes mammals like that.." but I left before he could finish..

Geez, I've never dreamt so much about foxes without actually meeting even one!