Where I come from, a Tequila Slammer is when you lick salt from your hand, slam a straight shot of tequila then suck on a lemon or lime then get mightily gee-eyed drunk.This is pretty much gospel throughout the UK and Ireland. It doesn't taste particularly nice, but it's definitely the stuff if you need a shortcut to getting drunk very quickly.

So to recap:
Step 1: Lick salt from hand.
Step 2: Knock back a shot of tequila.
Step 3: Suck hard on a slice of lemon or lime.

Fair enough? We now know what a tequila slammer is.

Enter the most lethally painful variation. A friend of mine from London suggested this to me as a dare one night, many moons ago. Maybe it was my sense of daring, my dedication to debauchery or my total disregard for common sense but I decided to give it a go. Instead of licking salt from your hand, snort a line of salt up your nostril like a line of cheap amphetamine. Slam the shot as normal. Instead of sucking the lemon to rid your mouth of the tequila taste, stick the citrus fruit into your open eye.

Your body will convulse, it's quite likely you'll vomit and you'll probably be blind in one eye for a few minutes, but who cares?!?! You're a man godammit!

So to recap again:
Step 1: Snort salt up nose.
Step 2: Knock back a shot of tequila.
Step 3: Stick slice of lemon or lime into eye.

Bam. Tequila Suicide. Why would you drink this? Why did we send men to the moon?