"I don't believe in any old Jesus. If there was a god then why is my arse the perfect height for kicking?"

Bell X1 are currently one of the most talked about bands in Irish music, and deservedly so. The band were formerly called Juniper and were fronted by (the highly overrated) neo-crusty Damien Rice. Rice subsequently left to pursue a highly successful career and the band then rebranded themselves as Bell X1.

Both Bell X1 and Damien Rice enjoy far greater commercial success apart from each other than they ever did while together.

The band hail from Celbridge in Co. Kildare (just south of Dublin)and consist of Brian Crosby, Dominic Philips, David Geraghty, Tim O’Donovon and Paul Noonan on vocals. Renowned for the quality of their live shows, they have built up a highly dedicated fan base over the years and now play in some of the biggest venues in the country. The band has also been championed by many of the influential forces in the Irish music media including Tom Dunne and Alison Curtis (Today FM), Dave Fanning (RTE), Phantom FM and Hot Press.

The Damien Rice connection doesn't do them any harm either, it has to be said, and they remain firm friends with their former band mate. Their music has also featured in the hit US series The OC.

Bell X1 are an exciting band and an excellent slice of the Irish musical pie that was, for so long, polluted by the mediocrity of U2, and the shame of bands like The Corrs.

The have release three albums so far: Neither Am I, Music In Mouth and the excellent Flock.

You will be hearing a lot more from them.