Noders of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but your chings!

Aside from Manifesto Quest early in the month, October was fairly slow in editor-land (or at least my corner of it). Still, early October was a very productive brainstorming time for us and a huge volume of excellent ideas came out of it. So that they don't get lost in the nodegel, I've made a short list here of the manifestos that I remembered. If you wrote a manifesto but don't see it here, please send me a /msg so I can add it.

Now comes the hard part; following through on those suggestions to make sure that they get to the point of implementation. Some of the suggestions made above are already being worked on but I think that it wouldn't hurt to have a little more communication from our coders and the gods as to which projects have been picked up as well as which continue to be in development. Progress reports and WIPs such as Oolong's potential new E2 Guest User front page are great.

Ah. You're the guys I hear breathing on the other end of my phone.

As above, not much happened in October. However, the editors did have several discussions on:

  • Formalizing the set of reasons for a writeup to be nuked as suggested in E2 Manifesto: 2010. Expect this to come down the line in the near to semi-near future.
  • Several short requests for second opinions on nuking and plagiarism.
  • Farewell to anthropod as she left the staff.
  • The potential new E2 Guest User front page, following up on the suggestions made in Aerobe's minifesto.
  • A new tool by our programmers which should help editors find and delete blanked writeups as they happen (though if we miss any, please do not hesitate to let us know).
  • The recent changes to How to become a better anorexic. (Since the writeup was functionally blanked, it was deleted.)

Now I am become death, the destroyer of words

alphabetical order by Pastalero - (0/-7) when nuked. Blanked writeup, advised to use E2 Nuke Request in the future.

Nuked By Author Request

Your dreams in a little box in the closet by kthejoker
February 4, 2003 by kthejoker
Katy, Texas by kthejoker
Plug Spark Sanjay by kthejoker
Tahiti 80 by kthejoker
Trans Am by kthejoker
The Cato Salsa Experience by kthejoker
A man toiled on a burning road by kthejoker