I have a Java test in a little over an hour, and while I hope I am prepared enough to pass it, I have heard very bad things about one of the other classes' results on the midterm.
Apparently, only 20 percent of the class passed.
20 percent.

I am afraid.
Yet I can write a simple working program, and understand most of the errors I get. I'm doing pretty good in Java, and my teacher likes me, and is not a dumbass, so I'm happy enough. It's the tests I fear. I can write a program if I know I can take a quick peek at my textbook if I need to, just to confirm that I am doing things properly. But give me a test and I freeze.
I know we should learn this well enough to be able to just write a program without the aid of a textbook, but it is difficult. I will learn eventually, but I just felt like freaking out somewhere.

Oh well. If nothing else, the stress gave me a lot of extra energy, which was then pumped into Pimpette comics. I bet I get nothing done over reading week; except maybe on sunday when I'm freaking because I don't have a comic for that monday.