I use Linux (SuSE). It is a stable, cheap platform that lets me get my hands dirty, digging around in the software. It's mind-expanding, just like the old days when hacking the code on a box that had memory rated in the Kilobyte range was the challenge. It has put the fun back into computing.

I use Novell and SCO Unix. Actually, I just have the SCO running right now, the Novell hard drive died. Big businesses use it, so I want to know how it works. Very structured, anal-retentive, but you get exactly what you ask for, even if it's not what you wanted.

I use BeOS. It works great on a dual-processor system. Like Linux, it's a lot of fun. You trade off functionality for the "Wow, that's cool" factor.

I have used OS/2. It's what Windows should have evolved to. I just don't have enough spare computers to run it full-time, otherwise I would.

I use Windows. It has the largest base of software. If I need to get work done, I use WinNT. My home network uses a dual-celeron NT server. All of my kids have their systems on the network, and they run Win9x. Easy to fix the screwups when you have ghosted backups. They can play games over the LAN. I can write, use Autocad for the tech drawings, or render animations for online or computer-based training simulations.

I love them all. They each have unique qualities that make them superior in one area or another. Why be forced to choose? Use them all!