This addendum is for those who want to add new cymbals to their kit.

For the higher end cymbals, particularly the hand-hammered versions, I always recommend going in to a drum shop with your current cymbals that you intend on using with the new purchases. All cymbals have a slightly different sound, even those from the same brand and model, due to the randomness of the manufacturing process.

It's best to go to the shop when it's less busy, such as before lunch. Show the specialist the cymbals you brought with you and ask to set them up on one of their kits. 

At this point, go to the cymbal rack with some sticks and (carefully and lightly) listen to the cymbals you wish to test out. Select one or two and have the tech install them on the kit. Once that is done, have the drum tech play a bit while you stand back. You want to hear how they sound from the audience's perspective. Listen to the new cymbals and make sure their sound fits in with your current setup. Sometimes there are overtones that conflict or they just get lost in the sound. Swap out as needed and when you're happy with the results, purchase your new cymbals.

I wanted a dry ride cymbal from Sabian, but I ended up getting a Zildjian instead because it sounded better than the other brands when played with my setup. Matching cymbals might look nice, but it's the sound that really counts in the end.