The country code top level domain (ccTLD) .WS is assigned to the United States-controlled islands of Samoa. The name used to be Western Samoa, hence the code WS. The TLD is not restricted for use. There are no requirements for a connection to the country itself and it is available for use worldwide.

There are no officially configured second-level subdomains. The .WS is actually connected to France and AFNIC.

The .WS ccTLD has been activated by SamoaNIC, the registrar, with the government of Samoa acting as the sponsor. The ccTLD has been available since 1995 and is widely used. For a while it was offered as a domain hack standing for World Site. Because .WS is popular for domain hacks it is treated as a gTLD, or a Global Top Level Domain, by Google instead of a true ccTLD.

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