Computer or machine-made poetry. Usually fails, and quite badly at that.

Gelett Burgess wrote a parody of machine made poetry, which would have been created by a modified typewriter at the time.

Here it is:

Oh Philiis, "j??zVbx Aj%5 2q part,
So soon --IQ'k"jyx,-, 2-morrow,
Alas, qIQ)$ 'Vmlj=; my poor heart!
Ah--$$,%, ws 4pdv7, Qkcd, sorrow.

Fare"well,..QJmdubz$ "-,never mind,
Sweet Phylli$, "jzf%I ,-missing--
Ah me,, v$%Aw"mjx ..js$..have to find
Another g$irlx $993% to do $gzk kissing!

Automatic poetry has, luckly, advanced farther since then, but not much.

My advice is to write your own poems.